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Today, we live in a complacent country where only certain answers are acceptable.

In this book, the author dares to go against accepted wisdom, considering questions such as:

  • Is the divorce rate really 50%—and if it isn’t, what is it and why should we care?
  • Why is the media telling us COVID-19 is so bad?
  • Do we really know Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to be true?
  • Has the Bible been disproven and debunked?

Other topics include the Big Bang Theory, biological differences between men and women, politics and religion, random mutations, UFOs, and global myths.

The author also explains that the best lies are 99% true—liars practice their craft using the truth to mislead others. Moreover, he notes that no matter what you believe, truth is still true. For instance, even if a person believes they can fly, if they jump off a ten-story building, they will still die upon hitting the ground.

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